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A two-day interactive conference and workshop on the psychology of sport performance, motivation and mental training for coaches of youth athletes

We are offering two full days of intense training with a certified sport psychologist, professional motivational trainers, professional coaches and athletes. It’s a unique opportunity to help you take your coaching skills to the next level and maximize your team’s or athlete’s performance

Do you want to be a better coach? Do you want to help your athletes to breakthrough? Do you want to take your athletes to the next level?

TOPICS INCLUDE: Psychology of performance, Mental preparation, Positive coaching, Athlete Mental Health, Connecting with your teenage athletes, Motivation, and more


You will interact with coaches in other disciplines, gain new skills and techniques, and most importantly, learn how to get the most out of your athletes!



Bill Knowles

Bill Knowles is world renown in the field of Sports Reconditioning and Athletic development. He has over 27 years working with professional, Olympic and Elite Jr athletes and teams and has lectured and trained staff around the world. He is currently the Director of Reconditioning and Athletic development for the Philadelphia Union Soccer Club. An expert in developing planned performance reconditioning strategies for athletes following injury, and for developing the whole athlete, Bill will lead a talk and workshop addressing “post-injury stress and mentally preparing for return to play” among young athletes.

Some athletes, teams and organisations Bill has worked with:

  • Peyton Manning
  • Tiger Woods
  • US and Canadian Ski teams
  • NCAA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Real Madrid
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea Football Club
  • NY Knicks
  • American Society for Sports Medicine
  • And more!


Anne-Sophie Thilo

A 2008 Vice European champion  in 470 (sailing), Anne-Sophie Thilo is a Swiss sailor who won several junior european and world titles and participated at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. She now works in communications and sport. As she prepared for the Olympics at a very young age, she faced many challenges like performance in a team of two people, managing two careers, sudden stop of a career, etc. Anne-Sophie recognized the mental aspect was crucial from the beginning and she will tell us how she did to include this work in her project and what difficulties she had to overcome.


Juliane Robra

Juliane Robra is what she does ! An accomplished, international black belt judo athlete, in one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports, she exudes what her sport represents : discipline, focus, perseverance, respect, tolerance and passion!  Having retired from international competition, Juliane is now a  coach of aspiring young athletes in the Geneva region, while pursuing a degree in Sport Management at the University of Lausanne. She was recently an on-air commentator for RTS during the Rio Olympics during the Judo competitions. Juliane has won international medals at the European Championships, World Cup, Grand Prix and Grand Slam. We are thrilled to have her as part of our athlete panel where she can share her experience as both an athlete and coach, and her tips for mentally preparing for competition that is so mentally demanding.


Nicolas Von Burg

Nicolas is a former top ranked Swiss tennis player, national tennis coach for 15 years, and author of the book “Beat the Loser”. Today, he works with athletes, clubs, coaches and businesses to help them achieve their objectives, and improve performances - both in their private, business and sporting lives. 

“Tomorrow's success is prepared today. Because performance is precise balance between the mind, the body and the heart.”  Nicolas Von Burg.


Catia Beni

PhD in psychology and specialist in neuropsychology. Trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. She specializes in commotion and how to get back to play after a commotion. She currently works with youth and professional athletes, especially with Genève-Servette Hockey Club


Olivier Raynal

Olivier Raynal has been a golf coach since 1989, 2 years after he started playing the sport. He works with European Tour professionals and youth teams, and has been involved in the training of more than 150 coaches.

Olivier is the Head Coach of the biggest golf school in the Rhone-Alpes region (approx. 200 players) near Lyon and has been coach for Rhone-Alpes youth teams (U10 boys and girls, U14 and U16 girls) for more than 15 years. He has coached players for more than 200 tournaments worldwide. He is a speaker for youth training and supports golf schools and organizations.

His students’ goals - not his - direct his work. What the players want to learn is more important than what the coach wants to teach. He improves the strengths of players with a positive approach and helps them construct themselves for life more than for their performance in sport – though improved performance is often a positive side effect of his coaching style.


Daniel Vukovic

Daniel Vukovic is a professional hockey player, currently playing with the Genève-Servette Hockey Club.   He has played 8 seasons with the GSHC and over 400 games of professional hockey and is the assistant captain.  With GSHC he has won the Spengler Cup twice, and recently won it a third time, while playing with the Canadian team.  Prior to moving to Europe from Canada, Daniel played NCAA hockey for Michigan State University where along with this teammates, he also won the NCAA Championship.

Dan complements his pro career helping youth as an assistant coach and as a volunteer working with school kids teaching them how to skate and play hockey – while also teaching kids the about the discipline and joy of playing sport.

Dan feels strongly that outside his family, the various coaches he has had over the years have had the greatest impact in developing not only his career but have also helped developed who he is as a human being.



The Olympic Museum, 1 Quai d'Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland

350 CHF / person for 2 days (conference and workshop)


195 CHF / person for 1-day conference only

Price includes: two-day conference and workshop or one-day conference, breakout sessions, coffee breaks, lunch, gifting and an opportunity to be a better coach!